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Price: $1,900

44" x 34" (112 cm x 86 cm)

This large framed 3d artwork captures the focal point of the racer in freeze frame, as the blur of energy transfers the sense of motion to the background.

The racer is raw silk on heavy woven interfacing, elevated from the background on ash wood pegs. The sunglasses are curved plastic. The background is a woven silk, cut into brushstroke strips, then free-motion topstitched to give contour.

The road is sand textured acrylic paint. The bicycle is made from reclaimed bicycle parts including a derailleur, pedal, tire clip, rubber tires in a mosaic style, with wire screening. The derailleur is adhered with eco-friendly adhesive with structural wire reinforcement for durability.

Framed in a curved black wood frame with distressed copper accents

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