Greensward Labyrinth

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Price: $2,200

35" x 35" (89 cm x 89 cm)

Looking beyond fabric to other types of environmentally friendly fibers and materials, I discovered some fabulous woven grass and unbleached pulp papers that begged to be used in mosaic collage.

A greensward is an area primarily covered in grass. The term generally applies to man-made, rather than naturally growing, grasslands.

In shades of cream, blue, tan, and sage, I hand-cut over 885 pieces for the mosaic. The design is drafted based on the labyrinth pattern in Chartres Cathedral.

The mosaic is mounted on a stretched canvas frame, using an eco-friendly, acid-free adhesive. The frame is a spectacular custom olive wood frame. Wired for hanging.

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Greensward Labyrinth

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