Birch Grove

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Price: $675

28" x 22" (71.12 cm x 55.88 cm)

Birch Grove is a pencil drawing of a birch glade in late autumn. Leaves of yellow and rust blow in a 3D effect, while deeper rust and gold leaves blanket the ground.

The drawing uses a pale gray speckled recycled paper, sealed with archival acid-free fixative. The windblown leaves are organic cottons with an eco-friendly decoupage hardener, hovering on reclaimed aluminum wires.

The drawing is mounted on MDF board, with the wires drilled through the board and adhered on the back with eco-friendly adhesive. The strewn leaves on the ground are organic cotton with eco-friendly decoupage.

The frame is ash wood with a real birch bark veneer.

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Birch Grove

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