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Price: $2,200

30" x 24" (76.2 cm x 60.96 cm)

One of my favorite classes was Historical Geology. I loved drawing the fossils. This artwork depicts the the many layers of finds emerging from an archaeological dig.

I found a deer skeleton in the woods, and sketched the skull in pencil on vellum, sealed with a matte fixative, then tore and tea-stained the edges. The background uses cotton fabrics, and acrylic painting textured with gesso and sand. The body is fabric collage designed from a wolf skeleton.

The hips are the actual fawn pelvic bones, which I bleached for several hours, baked dry for an hour, then fully encapsulated in two coats of acrylic resin. The legs are wire sculpture with white acrylic paint. Embellished with granite tiles.

The border is gallery wrapped, wired for hanging.

NOTE: Shipping of this item is prohibited to certain locations due to the animal bones. Contact me prior to purchase to be sure it can be shipped to your location.

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