Garden of Daedalus

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Price: $3,800

74" x 74" (1.88 m x 1.88 m)

I drafted this large embellished art quilt based on a labyrinth that was formerly in the pavement of the Abbey of St. Bertin in Saint-Omer, France (which now in ruins).

There are over 2,400 individual 1 1/2 inch patches making up the paths. I used many different cotton fabrics to mimic plantings in different areas of a garden. Each area is embellished differently, using satin flowers, silk bow ribbons, cashmere yarns, and beadwork in pearl, polished shell, turquoise, glass, agate, tourmaline, jasper, seed beads, mother-of-pearl, and cloisonné.

Finished with a hanging sleeve for a decorative rod.
Not suitable for use on a bed.

This art quilt is featured in the book 500 Art Quilts, Lark Books, 2010.

It was also featured in a special exhibition at the 2010 Houston International Quilt Market and Festival.

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Garden of Daedalus

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